1986 Civilian -- 305 V8 5.0L -- 2??,??? Miles (08/01/2004)

Last updated Tuesday, October 26, 2004

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Purchased from:

Guy who works with Pete.


Didn't write it down.

unavailable COLOR 60? 60?

Former Owner:

Guy who works with Pete who was going to junk it but felt bad junking it for a measly $60 so sold it to Pete instead for $60.

Police Usage:

none (only in our imaginations)

Mileage when Purchased (7/??/2004):


Mileage as of 07/26/2004: 23?,???

Pictures: -- Page 1

Modifications and Repairs
note: newer items listed last

  1. Put gas in tank.-- 07/26/2004?
    $14 in gas in tank so Pete could drive it from Albany to my house.

  2. Cleaned windows.-- 08/01/2004?
    Mr. former owner was a Mr. Chainsmoker. Attempted to make it so I could see through the windows

  3. Stole hood off this one for my '85.-- 10/01/2004?
    Swapped hoods with my dented '85 hood for this perfect '86 hood. Color is almost a match. Looks like this hood may be one or two shades darker. Still, it's close enough that my '85 doesn't stand out too bad.

  4. car gone! -- 10/18/2004
    Pete found someone who needed a cheap car so we drove it over to the guy's house. Total amount sold for: one trade, a rusted and "no brakes" 1988 Toyota Camry Wagon.

Stuff to do:

    As long as I know it's a friend who has it, I will be there to help out. Car needs some repairs including:

  1. Power Steering pump leak.

  2. Exhaust.

  3. Major apolstry cleaning.

  4. Fix rust.
    Goes without saying.

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