1989 Caprice -- 305 V8 5.0L (12/27/2009)

Last updated Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Very very old man, $1500


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Spid Label:

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paint codes     

some of the highlights of the options on this car
near mint condition

Former Owner:

Original owner, 90+ year old man.

Collector's Value:


Police Usage:


Mileage when Purchased (6/5/2009):


Mileage as of 12/27/2009: 115,500

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Modifications and Repairs
note: goes from newest to oldest now

  1. Accident -- 9/28/2009

  2. Gas Tank -- 8/15/2009

  3. Shocks -- 6/15/2009

Stuff to do:

  1. Windsheild

  2. Fix fenders, bumper, and rear quarter

  3. Power Antenna fix

  4. Windshield Wiper motor

The Story behind Getting the Car Was on the side of the road in front of this old guy's house. Saw it, checked it out, loved it!

SPIDs Decoded

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