1993 Buick -- V6 3.8L -- 155,000 Miles (04/12/2008)

Last updated Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Spid Label:

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paint codes     

some of the highlights of the options on this car
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I wish this car had
rear wheel drive
V8 engine
more space

Former Owner:

My nephew who purchased it from a minister.

Police Usage:


Mileage when Purchased (5/19/2007):


Mileage as of 05/19/2007: 130,920
Mileage as of 06/29/2007: 134,518
Mileage as of 04/12/2008: 155,000

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Modifications and Repairs
note: goes from newest to oldest.

  1. Transmission Cooler Line Replaced -- 4/10/2008
    Worn out, leaking transmission fluid like crazy. Lucked out, Advance auto had my line in. $20. Devon, my nephew, came over and took care of it. I still have to bolt the shield back on, oops!

  2. Misc Brake and Wheel Repairs -- 10/19-10/29/2007
    • Rear passenger-side wheel hub - one of the bolts stripped , had to beat it to death and torch it to get it to come out. the self adjusting clip fell out. upon putting it back together, noticed the...
    • Passenger-side Brake / Wheel Cylinder (rear pass.) had a hole in it. While fixing that, the
    • brake line broke because of rust. replaced. afterwards brakes barely worked, pulled driver side for reference, discovered
    • Driver-side wheel cylinder punctured. while replacing, found the bolts used were incorrect , went to lowes and got new ones. reassembled. put a
    • new self adjuster kit pass. side then bled the brakes. rebled a week later.

  3. New Belt -- 6/22/2007
    After the water pump started flaking and seizing, causing belts to shred, I had it replaced. To save me money though, the mechanic didn't put a new belt on. So, I figured that wouldn't be a bad idea, considering I was planning on driving to Long Beach Island, NY, 300 miles one way, that weekend. $31, good deal for a good, non-generic belt.

  4. Water Pump replaced -- 6/8/2007
    My belt got shredded, I replaced it, then that one got shredded. Something more than the belt was going on the car. The ever increasingly volumonous puddles of antifreeze underneath the car definitely was a good indication that the water pump was causing the belt issues. Called my mechanic, dropped it off that night. Water pump replaced, including labor $80.

  5. Replaced belt -- 6/5/2007
    A pulley noise that was almost non-existent became progressively louder since I got the car. Didn't worry about it, until it got too loud, and eventually the voltmeter would flake. Thought it was the alternator. Then, one day I'm driving and I lose my alternator and all the belt-driven accessories. Pulled over, belt is wrapped around the a/c compressor. Limped the car to work since I was almost there anyway.

    Later that night got out of work, got a ride home to get tools, to the autoparts store for a belt, and put it on in my work parking lot. Car seemed okay again... Cheapo belt, $30.

  6. Replaced wipers -- 5/24/2007
    Anco, the good ones. $12 for both.

  7. Bought car -- 5/17-19/2007
    Short version of the story: Realizing that my other cars patience to live was wearing thin, transferred the money and called my nephew who had offered me his 1993 Buick for $2200. He is studying to become an auto mechanic, and I always was impressed with the car. It books for around that. Offered him $1800. He came over, I paid him, and got the title. Next day, tried to get to DMV but Warren County DMV sucks and I didn't have 2 hours to wait in line. Next day, drive the '85 to Binghamton NY DMV because they're open Saturday's. Car dies 2 miles from Binghamton. Timing chain. Walked to an ATM, got cash for a cab, and took cab to DMV. Got the plates. Pete drove down and picked me up, brought me to my sister's to get the Buick. :-)

Stuff to do:

  1. Struts

  2. Tires

The Story behind Getting the Car

See above. Okay. It's front wheel drive, it's small compared to my caprices, and it's only a V6. Yes, it gets 20MPG around town, 25 on the highway, so I'm not complaining... but... it's NOT a Caprice!

SPIDs Decoded

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Some Miscellaneous Part Numbers
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DescriptionPart #Store
Rear Airbag Compressor2206 2531GM Part No
Compressor Link Kit1000 5354GM Part No