Rev. 09/25/95
1996 Caprice/Impala - Anti-lock Brake System

ABS is the most significant safety advancement in decades -- so important that Chevrolet has made ABS standard equipment on all passenger car models (except Lumina Base) for 1996.

ABS works by monitoring the rolling speed of the vehicle's wheels. When the ABS computer senses that wheel lockup is imminent during braking (such as when attempting to stop on a slippery surface), it modulates, or pulses, the brakes several times per second. The modulation is similar to "pumping" the brakes on a non-ABS-equipped car, but much faster (faster than even most professional drivers can accomplish). The modulation prevents the wheel from locking, allowing the driver to better maintain steering control. The end result is that the driver can steer clear of many potential crash situations. ABS can help avoid collisions and save lives. ABS pays off in another way: Some major insurance companies give discounts on insurance premiums (have your customer check with their insurer for specific discounts that may apply).

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