1996 Caprice/Impala - Body Structure

The Caprice Classic body structure was carefully designed for occupant protection. By helping to preserve the integrity of the passenger compartment in a collision, the body structure also maximizes the benefits of the other safety systems. By minimizing instrument panel intrusion, other safety features like driver and front-passenger air bags, energy-absorbing steering column and safety belts are in their correct positions to perform their independent functions. These protective technologies work together as a total safety system.

Rugged body-on-frame construction and rear-wheel drive make the Caprice Classic well-suited to trailering and long-distance touring. Caprice Classic and Impala SS have extensive corrosion protection that includes two-side-galvanized steel for all exterior body panels (except the roof, where it is not needed). The galvanized-zinc coating prevents surface rust due to minor chips and scratches, and helps prevent holes which start from the inside. That's double coverage.

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