1996 Caprice/Impala - Engines (LT1)

5.7 Liter SFI V8 Engine (LT1)

The 5.7 Liter LT1 small block V8 is the standard powerplant for Impala SS, Camaro Z28 Coupe, Z28 Convertible, Caprice Wagon and Corvette, and optional on Caprice Classic Sedan. It produces 300 hp @ 5000 rpm, 285 hp @ 5200 rpm and 260 hp @ 5000 rpm for Corvette, Camaro and Caprice respectively. It produces 335 lb.-ft. torque at 4000 rpm, 325 lb.-ft. @ 2400 rpm and 330 lb.-ft. @ 2400 for Corvette, Camaro and OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics Second Generation) is standard.

The LT1 V8 is improved for 1996:

Introduced in the 1992 Corvette, the second-generation 5.7 Liter LT1 V8 packs impressive performance and responsiveness into an efficient package. The LT1's operating range extends hundreds of rpm beyond most OHV engines, giving the LT1 the low-speed punch of a traditional pushrod engine and the high-speed performance of an OHC design. This ´┐Żbest of both worlds' character makes the LT1 derived engine a potent powerplant for the full-size Impala SS, Caprice Classic and Camaro Z28 models.

Numerous technical features contribute to the LT1's outstanding performance:

A low-restriction intake and air filtration system lets the engine breathe freely for efficiency, while meeting federal noise regulations.

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