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The Accident -- I95 Northbound Fortsville, MD -- Feb 9, 1997

crash pic 1 roadway and fender crash pic 2 dent crash pic 3 fender bumper crash pic 4 fender bumper crash pic 5 fender bumper crash pic 6 fender bumper crash pic 7 header lights crash pic 8 header bumper crash pic 9 grill header crash pic 10 grill header
crash pic 11 fender wheel

The Accident Repair -- Rick's House: Day, NY -- May 26, 1997

I drove my beloved Caprice for 3 1/2 months in it's post-accident condition, with a headlight encasing cobbed together from duct-tape (as seen left and below).

Finally in late May my dad got his friend Rick (who owed my dad a favor) to put the new fender and used header on to my car.

Above is the view of the hood and fender from the driver-seat
(and Pete's house too).

Rick begins the process of removing the tape, the hood, and the bad fender and header, and bending of the frame back to a decent position, for replacement:

Unfortunately I had to leave 1/2 way through to go to work...

Here is what the fender, header, and hood looked like after Rick and my father finished the repair (pay no attention to Jeff's K-Car!).

Accident Feb 1997 -- Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Page 3 -- Page 4 -- Main 1985 Page


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