We wake up at about 11am, and pretty much do nothing.  A lazy day for me.
A friend of mine invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner, so I was planning
on taking her up on that offer -- with Mary with me of course.   All week
Mary was bitching at me that she wasn't invited and that "are you sure you
want me to go?"  Anyway, she got in the shower, I was on the computer...

In her mind, it was becoming evident that I didn't want to spend time with
her, so she gets this attitude with me when I get out of the shower like
"I'm leaving to go where I can be appreciated" type deal, and runs out of
my house and slams the door.

That pissed me off.

It pissed me off, and I grabbed a box of her stuff, and ran and opened the
door "You like slamming f***ing doors, well fine!"  and threw her box out
the door.  I turn to walk back into the house and notice she turned towards
my car.

I turn around and her foot is embedded into my passenger side rear quarter
panel, leaving a huge imprinted dent.

Oh, I lost it.  I ran out there yelling out of control "what the f*** is
wrong with you, would you look at what you've done?"  and grabbed her and
pulled her struggling body into the house and released her on the floor.
I picked up the phone book to find the number of the police, and she grabbed
the phone book from me.  I found another one and got the #.  When I went to
dial it she stuck her finger on the switch hook and hung up.  I threw her
back, and she ran out.

I composed myself, called the police, and asked
"How do I press charges against someone?"
and they said they'd send an officer over.

It took an hour for him to get there, good thing cause I was unstable before
then.  He took my report about everything that happened,
and gave me a paper to sign.  He asked me to tell Mary, when I saw her,
to call him, and he left.

I sent this out to the Caprice 9C1 mailing list...

"The first Thanksgiving in my life that I am alone.

My stupid girlfriend got mad at me and kicked the passenger side quarter
panel in on my car... bitch.

I immediately called the police, got a vandalism report filed
(est. damage $500), am calling the insurance company tomorrow morning,
told off her mother and her, and threw all her stuff out.
The girl NEVER HAD any respect for me, and obviously for my possessions.

It looks like it can be popped out from the inside of the trunk, but I'm
sure that is not the end of that.

And now, after what she has done, I cannot even love her or respect her
like I did before.  And why did I before, look at how she thinks of me...
she kicks my car.

Funny how the car and her tie my life together.
She is the symbol of my old life, and the car is the symbol of the new.
Mary realized that I am changing and removing her so she had to
"put her dent" into my new life, kind of her way of making sure I don't
forget her.

Well, I'm not forgetting her, or any of this.
Not until I get the dent fixed.  I was able to pop it out, but it is
uneven and needs a touch up.  So, until she pays, she will not be forgiven.

The Police Report from the bitch-kick

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