My Caprice's 18th Birthday
12 May 2001

Yes I am crazy, I did have a Birthday Party for my car!

Woke up & went out to the garage and wished my Baby a very Happy Birthday. Told her we were going to go get her Bathed, pick up her Balloons (I bought the cake the day before), made the Birthday Banner the night before too.
If I can have a birthday party for my dogs, why not for my car.
She is also a member of the family.

My Aunt & Kids (my dogs) & the neighbor toddler attended the birthday bash. We had a lovely cake, soda, but were too full for the ice cream.

The night before her birthday, I put in the rear window two signs.....
I Am 18 Years Old 12 May 2001

Happy 18th.......Caprice Classic, with her adoption reciept in the center.

Here she is in front of her Birthday Sign.

Here is a close up of her holding her Balloons & wearing her Party Hat on her side mirror.