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UNYISSO is a group of Chevrolet B-Body car enthusiasts. Based in Upstate New York, formed so locals with the common enjoyment of Impala SS and Caprices could collectively share thoughts, stories, ideas, advice and help, and form great friendships along the way!

This is an Albany, NY-based car club, formed by local enthusiasts for local enthusiasts. Residency in the local area is encouraged but not required for membership. Members typically shouldn't be located more than 100 miles from Albany.

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UNYISSO is open to anyone who wishes to apply for membership, pending approval. Membership is determined only by your location, referral references, and willingness to participate. Location, referrals, and ownership of a specific vehicle are not required to belong to the group. However, obviously, holding values in common with the fabric of UNYISSO will be beneficial for the overall value of the group. The goal of this internet-based group is to provide a location and means for Upstate New York Impala SS and similar vehicle owners and enthusiasts to share interests, information, have a forum to ask questions, and overall have an additional means of communication to plan and carry on events as a group.

Ownership of an email address is not required to be a member of UNYISSO, but is essential given the utilization of this tool by UNYISSO. Email is used as a tool to enhance UNYISSO, and we embrace it.

UNYISSO offers it's members FREE email addresses.
[email protected] or [email protected].
This email is accessible via the web or for use with any POP/SMTP compliant email software. Ask for details.

For additional information regarding the use of UNYISSO's online forum, read the Terms Of Service.

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For existing members, if you would like to change your subscription preferences on Yahoo!, go to http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/unyisso. You may be asked to login. Use your Yahoo! ID and password. If you do not have one, steps will be provided to obtain one.

To unsubscribe from the Yahoo! group, send a blank email from the subscribed address to:
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