1989 Caprice -- 305 V8 5.0L -- 68,613 Miles (07/06/2003)

Last updated Sunday, October 26, 2003

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some of the highlights of the options on this car
coming soon I wish this car had
power windows
power locks

Former Owner:

Some lady with 2 kids
Traded it in for a new Honda.

Police Usage:


Mileage when Purchased (4/15/2003):


Mileage as of 04/27/2003: 68,400
Mileage as of 07/06/2003: 68,603

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Modifications and Repairs
note: goes from newest to oldest now

  1. Car gone. Sold to junk yard $20. -- 10/20/2004
    Had to be done. I ended up with all the ornaments and Caprice logos, took the dome light, rims, and spare tire. And now, the car is history. I paid over $100 to keep that car sitting for a year. Oh well. Time for another one!! The '86 arrived in June and left me also on the same day 10/20/04. Read about it here.

  2. Signed title over to my dad -- 1/09/2004
    Turned in the plates, cancelled the insurance. Signed the title over to my father who is going to be donating the car to the American Lung Association for a nice tax break.

    Reason for this: car not worth fixing. Needs exhaust, shocks, water pump, fuel lines and fuel tank.

    The amount I would end up putting into this car is not worth it. Yes, the outside/body of the car looks good, but the undercarriage and engine compartment are bathing in rust. I can't even get it started cause it won't hold gasoline.

    Going to swap the tires from this to my '85, have them tow it away. Cost me a little bit to learn how to buy cars sight-unseen.

    We still have the car. If anyone wants to tow it away for a parts car, which it is good for (interior is fine), $250. I am still keeping the new tires though.

  3. Radiator Hose & Thermostat -- 4/28/2003
    Replace top radiator hose. It rotted out and burst (yay.) Actually, now I find it's cause the waterpump kept crapping out which would keep the thermostat from opening for some reason, and the fluid would back up in the hose... that, and it rotted. I don't know!!

  4. Tune Up -- 4/15/2003
    New spark plugs, wires, fluids flush

  5. New Tires -- 4/15/2003
    First thing needed to pass inspection, alignment done too.

Stuff to do:

  1. Shocks

  2. Water Pump

  3. Exhaust System

  4. Power Antenna fix

  5. Windshield Wipers

  6. Sell the damn thing

Stuff that didn't work:

  1. just buying it and driving it ;)

The Story behind Getting the Car My friend Pete worked at a dealership where a lady traded the car in. They offered to him less what she got for it in trade rather than have it go to auction and get substantially less. Lucky me (is that sarcasm?)

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