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Sorry, taken at night. I parked next to a civilian '94 and got a shot of both cars...

My friend Pete stands next to my car and this beat-to-hell 1996 New York city taxi-cab we spotted at the Sloatsburg rest stop on I-87 about 40 miles north of the city, January 2000.

Parked in front of my sister's house, I notice a 1994 civilian Caprice parked right in front of me, and snap this picture. Dec 1999.

Chevy's latest battle to fill in their missing municipal fleet market (because they gave it all to Ford), the 2000 (W)impala. This was probably the 3rd one I ever saw and had a camera on me at the time. What makes the picture good is that my 9C1 is in it :-) ...

A New friend to our group, Peter May's very nice maroon '94 9C1 parked next to my '94.
--(pics added 2/14/2001)

Spotted near Glens Falls, NY on I-87, I snapped these pics (hard to see cause it's nighttime) of a fully decked-out 9C1 complete with lightbar and bumper sticker "Smoke Detectors Save Lives". Obviously a volunteer fire-fighter... anyone we know?
--(pics added 2/14/2001)

A BEAUTIFUL 1996 9C1 fixed up complete with a new tranny. This car only has 78,000 miles on it (Jan 26 2001). Purchased by 9C1 dealer Craig Jasmin and placed on Ebay. The car generated more calls than bids, and ended up getting pulled from the online auction site and sold to a police department from Tenesee, who overnighted a certified check and flew someone in next day to grab this great B-Body gem. Definitely worth it to them!
--(pics added 2/14/2001)

This Crown Vic was chasing down a speeder on Central Ave. in Albany. Got this cool blur affect shot with the camcorder by keeping it in motion with the police car as it sped in the opposite direction :-)
--(pics added 3/14/2001)

Picture of inside Craig Jasmin's Key Motors garage (before he moved it over). Seen in front is John Wutzer's 1995 9C1 NYSP Trooper car, Garrett Steven's 1995 NYSP Trooper car (left) just hours before he showed up to get it, and right with no wheels on it, the 1996 9C1 that is currently up on ebay. Of course the car is in much better shape now! Craig spares no expense to make these cars like new. This car is seen below in better shape :)
--(pics added 3/14/2001)

Pics of some of Craig's car up at Ken's Auto Service. Ken is the guy to see to get your 9C1 worked on. Based in Ballston Spa on the northern corner of Rte 67 and Rte 50.

Shown top right is the 96 9C1 that is shown above with no wheels on it. This one was getting cruise control installed and had a problem with the driver-side front speed sensor. Ken took care of it no problem.
Bottom right is a 1A2 wagon cruiser. Not sure of this car's origin or it's destination.

Bottom is Ken's beautiful mint 1996 9C1 Virginia State Police, two-tone grey and Sapphire blue. He got it from Craig, of course!
--(pics added 3/14/2001)

Pictures of what soon became Jamie Lauder's car.
Former New York State trooper car (as blantanly seen by the decals still present). Craig rescued this gem from Mark Gottenberg down in Saugaurties. John and I work to install fresh new center caps.
--(pics added 3/14/2001)

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