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MINT 1994 Civilian Caprice in the parkinglot of the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, Massachusetts. (Taken March 24, 2001)

New York State Trooper zipping by Ken's Auto in Ballston Spa.
(April 10, 2001)

Alan Geldart's 1984 Chevy Caprice Classic beauty.
Unfortunately the car's age is catching up with it despite it's near-mint exterior. I found the maroon split-bench for Alan back in April at the local yard. (Taken April 14, 2001)

One of the few Brougham 1991 Caprices I have seen, taken April 17, 2001 in Mechanicville. I also saw a white one with white top on May 31st on the I-87 in Colonie. I usually cringe at the site of fender skirts, but I really find this black Caprice with black top very sharp.

2-door 80's Caprice seen in Schenectady, NY - April 17, 2001.

The Saratoga County Sheriff 9C1 on Rte 50 just east of Saratoga Springs, NY.
(April 24, 2001)

Have seen this car several times in Clifton Park, NY. It is a 1985 identical to mine except with the Brougham top. I scouted it out this time to see a very frightened old lady watching me watch her while I sat in my 9C1 on the other side of the parkinglot.. oops ;)
(April 24, 2001)

William Ball's new (used) 1994 Impala SS.
Target parkinglot in Henrietta, NY. (May 20, 2001)

Ken Faro's 1995 9C1 from Texas. Good condition, of course being a southern car, no rear defogger / defroster. I have never seen a Caprice without it, looks weird seeing a completely clear rear window.
(Taken May 23, 2001)

May 25, 2001 shots of Craig Jasmin's "Key Motors" lot, or as most of us 9C1 guys call it, "Heaven". :) At this time, Craig had about 10 cars there, 2 of which were wagons.
(Taken May 25, 2001)

James Kern in his new replacement for his totalled 95... a former 1996 New York State Trooper 9C1 purchased from Craig Jasmin an hour earlier.

VERY EXCELLENT CONDITION 1994 L99 Civilian Caprice I saw on the side of the road. I have the phone # if anyone is interested, they're asking $5700 or best offer. Car has 66,000 miles on it. Tilt wheel, cruise, A/C, split bench, radio with cassette. (Seriously, since I am so beyond broke now, if you do get this car, throw me a finder's bone here!)

New pics of John Wutzer's fine 1995 9C1.
Left, Craig Jasmin points out John's modifications to James Kern
and right, after a complete wash and tire-wet application
(Taken May 25 and May 31, respectively)

-- (all pics on this page added 6/3/2001)

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